Pavilion Psychological is a group practice in Cumming Georgia with expertise in counseling and psychological assessment.  We are highly educated, friendly, and motivated to provide you with the best care possible!

Insurance Services

We accept some commercial insurances.  All other insurances would be out of network.  There are options for sliding scale benefits.

Therapy Services

We offer individual, family, couples, and child and adolescent therapy. We also are proud to offer play therapy for young children.

Testing Services

We offer psychological testing for ADHD, Autism, LD, 504/IEP planning, Mood Disorders, and diagnostic clarification. We also offer weight loss surgery clearance evals.

Insurance Services

You will receive a reminder email verifying your appointment information.

Our counselors are “in-network” for BCBS/Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, and United/Optum. Dr. Baker only takes Aetna, Cigna, and UHC/Optum. She does not take BCBS for testing. We as a practice do not take Medicare, Medicaid, Peachstate, Coventry, Humana, Tricare, Amerigroup, Beacon Health Options, Wellcare, Ambetter, or Medicare Supplemental plans. These plans are considered out of network. We can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement.


 We do accept HSA plans and all credit cards. Please make checks out to Pavilion Psychological Services. We do not accept payment plans at this time. You are also welcome to pay online under the “Pay My Bill” tab.

Pavilion Psychological

Therapy Services

The sessions typically last for 45 minutes.

We offer therapy services including individual counseling, play therapy, family therapy, and child and adolescent services. We do not prescribe medication.


The intake process for counseling is that the potential client will meet with the therapist to discuss the therapeutic process and how to move forward in the initial session. Frequency of sessions will be discussed at the first appointment. If we are not in-network for your insurance, our counselor self pay rate is $110.00 for 45 minute sessions. Dr. Baker’s rate is $160.00 per hourly session.

Testing Services

We do not conduct legal, substance abuse, or parenting evaluations.


Dr. Baker is an award winning clinical psychologist who offers expertise in assessment services for ages three and up (including adult evaluations) for school/work accommodations, autism spectrum, schizophrenia, ADHD, mood disorders, learning disorders, bipolar disorder, personality problems, and sensory disorders. Currently, the bulk of her practice is in psychological testing and diagnostic clarification. She finds that many parents are confused about their child’s treatment and what the next steps to take are, and she helps with exploring the difficult-to-navigate world of mental health. She also helps adults explore how to communicate better and be advocates for themselves and their health.


Dr. Baker uses her variety of experience in both in-patient and outpatient settings to help parents and clients expand upon their own strengths and weaknesses and develop a specific treatment plan to answer questions and make the next steps clear so that everyone can live their best life! An avid reader, she is constantly doing research to help our community perform to its’ highest standard and is a member of many local psychology boards.


The assessment process includes an hour intake session (with the adult or parents-no minors please) to discuss the testing process, then schedule the testing itself (which typically lasts 2-5 face to face hours depending on the type of testing warranted), and then the feedback session to discuss the results. Included in testing is interpretation, scoring, test write-up and detailed recommendations. At the conclusion of the testing process, you will receive a specific lengthy report detailing avenues of treatment and diagnoses details.


Dr. Baker is known in the community for her attention to detail and comprehensive evaluations. She is highly respected as one of Cumming’s most knowledgeable testing psychologists and is frequently asked to train students in psychological assessment. She also is one of the only psychologists in the area who completes the testing herself and does not use a student/counselor (known as a psychometrist) to administer psychological tests. She believes that a doctor should administer the tests, as you are paying for her knowledge and attention to detail. As such, the out of network fee for testing is 1,500.00. She also provides weight loss clearance evaluations. If she is not in-network for your plan, the bariatric self-pay charge is 450.00 for the pre-surgical evaluation. In-network rates depend on individual benefits.

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