I realize that therapy is definitely not about me 🙂 But increasingly in our modern age, with the advent of the internet and social media, it becomes harder and harder to be a tabula rasa (blank slate) made so popular by Freud and the gang. We don’t typically have chaise lounges nor do we smoke in session anymore. Thus, I find that while I am not one for personal disclosure, my clients do deserve to know a bit about the therapist on the other side of the couch.

I’m a mother and wife first which is both exceedingly rewarding and time consuming. I do believe that you can be a great therapist without kids, maybe even more so. There are less demands on your time and you can be strict without feeling guilty. I remember before I had children I was a much stricter behaviorist. “Don’t give in the tantrums” was my mantra and while I still believe that, I’ve also been the scattered mother with a screaming toddler in Publix praying that I don’t run into anyone I know. I think that being a mother and a therapist makes you more empathetic and it makes you see every child that comes to your office as your child. I’m frequently asked “if this was your child what you would do?” and I ask myself the same question as well.

I’m a Christian as well; a card carrying Andy Stanley fan club member 🙂 In identifying as such, I try my very best to extend grace, to limit judgement, and attempt to live out my faith in the best way that I know how. I see clients from all walks of life and faiths which is edifying to me. I’m open to learning from everyone and that’s part of what I love about being a psychologist. I believe everyone teaches me something as well.

More fun facts include a life-long love of reading and French culture, a sweet tooth for cupcakes, and a penchant for Wes Anderson films. My family also roots for UGA- go dawgs!

Hope to see you soon!
Dr. Baker