• Do you take insurance?

    Unfortunately, due to changes to all insurance policies in 2019, we are no longer able to accept insurance. This is due to insurance companies limiting payment and approval for mental health conditions. We are able to provide you with an out of network bill to give to your insurance company regarding out of network benefits. You are also welcome to use https://www.getbetter.co/ an app that helps with insurance reimbursement.

  • What are your fees?

    Dr.  Baker strives to have fair fees. The fees differ for each service offered. Please call for pricing details.

  • What service do you offer?

    Dr. Baker offers therapy services for children starting at age five. She uses an eclectic modality comprised of object relations, CBT, and DBT (of which she is certified) as well as combination of family and individual therapy. She also provides counseling for teenagers and adults. Tele-therapy, including video sessions, are an option for rural areas of Georgia or for clients with busy lifestyles.

    Dr. Baker is well known in the community for her comprehensive assessments as well. She conducts psychological assessments for children starting at age three. She provides neuropsychological assessment, psycho-educational testing for learning disorders (including dysgraphia and dyslexia), mood disorder testing, personality testing, and testing for ADHD. She also provides assessment for bariatric/pre-surgical referrals, adoption evaluations, substance abuse evaluations, and pain management evaluations.

    Dr. Baker is a believer in administering all of her own testing. It is common practice within the assessment field to “contract out” testing to a student or a “psychometrist” to have them administer the psychological battery. This is likely a cost-saving measure for such practices, as the doctor can see a client while the student or psychometrist administers the batteries at the same time, thus resulting in more revenue. Dr. Baker loves assessment and believes in administering tests herself. By having the doctor complete the testing, this reduces the risk of errors and supports our moto of “quality over quantity.”

    We are accepting new clients so please call today! You can also learn more by visiting our social media pages for more information.



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