Dr. Ashley Baker PSYD


My main specialty area is psychological assessment. It is a comprehensive tool necessary to determine diagnosis and rule out co-morbid conditions. As you know with mental health symptoms, many can overlap. It is difficult to use a screener to understand the difference between ADHD/ dyslexia/ auditory learning processing disorder/ or anxiety. Managed care has focused on quick and easy tests but sometimes mental health is quite the opposite of that; it’s individualized, complex, and time consuming.

I administer comprehensive batteries (completed myself without the use of students or psychometrists) to rule out mood disorders, autism, learning disorders, attention disorders or other psychiatric conditions for ages three and up. I provide extremely detailed reports (30 pages and more) to assist in treatment planning, school accommodations, and helping every member of the children’s treatment team be on the same page (including school counselors, psychiatrists, pediatricians, teachers, parents, and tutors).

My promise is to give every client the quality that led me to be named “THE” testing psychologist In North Georgia.

Dr. Ashley Baker

There is a brighter future ahead!

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