I’m not so ancient that I’ve forgotten how cool I felt when I’d wear my new school clothes the second day of school (because wearing new schools on the first day back was uncool). I remember the freedom of how it felt to drive by myself in my new (used) car or how it ached to have my heart crushed by a first love. I’m a millennial so I’m old enough to know about Instagram but not cool enough for Snapchat.

I do know a lot about how to negotiate issues between kids/teenagers and their parents. I gave my parents a little bit of trouble growing up (nothing serious but no angel either) so I feel I can relate to what you are going through but also can be sensible enough to help you stay out of trouble. I do use insta filters and prefer west coast rap and Eminem but appreciate newer influences like NF and Nicki. I do like Fortnite but prefer Diablo (the precursor). I own some Converses but no Yeezys.  Mostly I’m interested in what you think, and feel, what hurts you, what makes you happy, and if I can help.

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